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Hydrogen Hot Rodding Academy is the official home to the Water Fuel Technology and Nano Water Fuel School.  

Started in 2001 it is in constant update, as we try to make it fast to use,

and useful, to speed up your uptake. There is serious labor daily involved in keeping this here. 

We are proud of the simplification of the explanations which is constantly being improved on this site, 

we are also proud of what is occurring in the industry as people learn the truth about green fueling

and the rapid up take of new builders joining us to deploy his technology. 

The Hydrogen Hot Rodding academy is the only platform of its kind in the controversial industry of alternative energy inventions. This is a members community that allows for safe sharing and communication of innovative ideas in a troll free environment.  

The Academy holds a tremendous amount of in-depth technical information, reports, schematics

and engineering data based around the co-development of opensource Water Fuel Technologies. 

Membership includes access to our library of valuable resources above and Water Fuel Build Plans, Parts invites to our live calls held twice a month, and a wide arrangement of value added bonuses. 

Learn more about the Water Fueling projects and the WFC team by visiting our “About Page” or watching our videos above.


Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page as well for the answers to the most common questions we get. 


Membership UPDATE 

Due to the Huge Advancements we are publishing

and posting which include

We are seeing to it to facilitate mass produce Hydrogen Hot Rods and Hydorgen Technologies Globally. 

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